Something old, something new

Now is the time of the singing year where, with competitions over, I get to choose a whole bunch of new music to learn and expand my (pathetically small) repertoire and Christmas music starts looming in the shape of end of year concerts and solos gigs. So a mixture of new (to me) and old.

Firstly the new music. My teacher hauls out all sorts of new and delicious pieces from her vast collection and tantalises me by singing snippets of this lieder and that aria which she thinks will suit my voice. Frankly I just want to sit and listen to her sing the whole time but she’s clever enough just to sing enough to let me get a feel for a piece and decide if it’s ‘me’ or not and then she moves on to the next one. I know there are teachers who just say “Here’s what you are to learn” and off you go, but I guess I’m a big enough girl to say no and my teacher is relaxed enough to not mind when I say no. Let’s face it, it’s not like I’m preparing myself for a singing career where I would have to sing things I might not like in order to advance myself. 

So currently I’m beavering away at: the lower part of the Flower Duet* from Lakme (will learn the upper part later), Mendelssohn’s ‘Neue Liebe’, and ‘Kommt ein schlanker Bursch gegangen’ from Der Freischutz. 

As we work away at extending my register upwards, it’s a pleasant feeling to be able to look at piece of music with a C6 or three and not feel an immediate rise in heart rate. If I can become as comfortable with D6 as with the C6 then it will open up a whole lot of new repertoire for me. It’s only 2 semitones difference but feels like 2 vertical miles some days.

Christmas music comes in the form of choir music with A Capella Singers and the usual church music including 2 services on Christmas Eve. The ACS concert is a combined one with a brass band. This is a combination for which the singers will have to find their collective squillo!! Then there is a programme of Christmas music at Womens Club which I am in charge of, which is allowing me to be self-indulgent and allot myself Adam’s O Holy Night, which I can then repeat at a dinner gig a week later.

*Do those of you of a similar vintage to me always think of the old British Airways ads when you hear/sing this??

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