I have to learn how many new things?!

I’ve just emailed my competition entry away – there is no turning back. So this is what I’ve let myself in for:

  • Own Selection – not yet decided a.k.a. ‘what can I dredge up from the past and polish up quickly’
  • French Art Song – Mandoline (Faure) – completely new
  • British Art Song – King David (Howells) – at performance level
  • Oratorio – With Verdure Clad (Haydn) – well on the way
  • Lieder – Nacht und Traume (Schubert) – prepared last year, but not sung
  • Operatic Aria – Batti, batti o bel Masetto (Mozart) – completely new
  • Scholarship – Spring Goeth All in White (Caskie) – test piece, completely new, don’t even have the music yet and Les Filles de Cadix (Delibes) – contrasting piece, slowly getting there.
So there you have it, 3 completely new pieces in 7 weeks as well as works-in-progress. Which would be a doddle if I was a singer by trade, but I’m not. I work full-time, have a soon-to-be 8 year old to keep alive and preferably not breaking bones, a partner who works shift work, a choir to sing in and conduct with and there’s that wee sporting competition currently going on that has sucked away vast amounts of sleep time leaving me feeling like a three day old lettuce leaf. 

I guess everyone has their own unique way of learning new rep. My personal little quirk for learning words of the non-English variety is to print them out with the English translation alongside, laminate, punch two holes at the top and insert string. Then, and this is the good bit (and explains the necessity for lamination), I hang it over the shower head. And there it is, slap bang in my face first thing in the morning, nice steamy environment and relaxed vocal chords. The other half takes it in his stride – I have yet to determine if he has learnt Nacht und Traume by osmosis. I wonder what he will make of the translation of Batti, batti?

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